Free images for your website…

…Imagine this:

You are reading a blog about healthy eating. The content is superb. You love the content, but you need a deeper understanding of the same by checking the images. Argh! Upon reaching to the image, you find the author posted car pictures. Or else, the available images have zero relationships with the content. How would you feel?

Now, with high availability of free images for website use, you do not have an excuse to use photos that do not match with your content. As well, you should not write content with zero images. Who doesn’t love images anyway?

But selecting the right free images for your site is not a walk in the park. As you know, you want to be unique, and since these images are free to use for anyone, you might be a taste for another person.

Nevertheless, you need images for your blog without spending a dime. So how do you select them? Here are the tips to see you through your free image selection:

a)    Content relevance

As stated earlier, your images must be relevant to your content. You should not write content about furniture and upload images showing utensils. Remember, when a visitor lands on your site, their eyes will gain attractions from your visuals images.

So, do you think if you had a great content on furniture and you are displaying utensil images the visitor will read it? Probably, the highest percentage of visitors will move on to the next blog. As such, even if there are a lot of free images for your website use, always match your selection with your content message.

b)    Image quality

While quality content is advocacy in online publishing, quality images are its visual representation. The quality of the images you use on your website may be enough to woo a reader to read it or click the red button. Hence, even if the images are free, it does not mean you should not consider their quality.

As you know, content is the king. The quality is crown that determines how visitors view the king content.  So, when choosing free images for your website, do not ignore the power of their quality.


All in all, images are essential for any online publication. As you go through various sources in the search for free images for your website use, always ensure they match your content. Also, consider their quality to ensure they attract significant readers.


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