Are your in the process of starting a blog or adding new content to the current one? If so, you will require images. As you know, images are a spice that put a taste to your story. A blog without images is dull, and most likely it will receive few readers.

At a time, it may be hard for you to capture your images. Or even draw your creative pictures. Hence, you opt for the internet to search for free images. Upon finding them, you copy and paste.

But did you know you might find yourself behind bars for using someone’s work without their consent? To avoid such circumstances, you need to find creative common images.

What is a creative common image?

A creative common image is one that is allowed for use under the creative common licenses (CC). This license gives the online user an opportunity to use an image or a photo without any legal obligation. Also, the CC license offers the image or content use a chance to use and distribute it without seeking copyright permissions from the creator.

Remember the copyright law seeks to protect the creators’ right to ensure the gain from it. Hence, using someone’s work without their consent is illegal. However, the common creative images fall under several CC licenses. Here are some of them:

a.    CCO (Creative Common Zero)

Under this license, you have a right to use the images in a way you would like. You can copy, paste, redesign, optimize and even modify. Also, you do not have any obligation to give credit or attribution to the creator. As such, CCO license allows you to use images for free without copyright requirements.

b. CC-BY (Creative common-by attribution)

Unlike the CCO, CC BY requires you to give attribution to the creator. As long as you do this, you are free to use the images for whatever purpose you may wish.

c. CC BY-ND (Attribution-NoDerivs)

While you have the right to share and use the image by only giving credit to the creator, the CC BY-ND has some limits. The common creative images under this category do not give you an opportunity to modify the content in whatsoever way. You must use the images as you obtain them from the creator without tampering with them in any way.

d. CC BY-NC (Attribution-Noncommercial)

 Sometimes you may be seeking images for commercial purpose.  However, if you find images with the CC BY-NC license, you are not allowed to use them or their modification for any commercial purposes.

In a word, creative common images are free for use as long as you follow the raid rules under each license category associated with your choices. So, you should not publish image-less blogs in future.


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