At a time you want to use an image on your blog. However, you are afraid to find yourself in trouble. You do not own a camera and hiring one will cost you. You have heard about public domain images that are free.

But, the term is new to you, and you are not sure how to go about it. You want to publish a blog that is full of life by incorporating images.

Worry no more. This article is going to offer you information about public domains image and how to obtain them.

What are public domain images?

These are images available to the public. They are free from any intellectual property or copyrights. As such, you can use them for any purpose whether personal or commercial. So, with these images, you can spice up your blogs without fear of someone coming for you for infringing the copyright laws.

With this information in mind, the next question would be on where to obtain them. Here are three places you can access and download public domain images for free:

a)    Wikimedia Commons

Certainly, you are aware of the Wikipedia. Wikimedia is a database of the site and houses millions of public domain files and others. Various organizations deposit their files into the database. Some of them have the license that guides their uses.

However, most of the licenses are already outdated or expired meaning the images are now in the public domain. Hence, if you are seeking free images for your site, Wikimedia is the first place to land.

b)    Public Domain Pictures

Apart from Wikimedia Commons, the next place you can obtain public domain images for free is the Public Domain Pictures. Here you can find all photos either for a profession or personal use.

Nevertheless, some of the images available require you to seek intellectual property rights if you want to use them for commercial purpose. Also, if you want high-quality images, you need to subscribe to the premium download that will cost you some dimes. Regardless, you can find good and quality images and download them for free.

c)    Image After

 If you are not comfortable with the conditions set by Public Domain Pictures and Wikimedia Commons, Image After is your option. This site allows you to use the photos you obtain for it for any purpose. The only condition is you should not use them to create a direct competitor to the site.

And that’s all about Public Domain images and sites to get them.